Wild and Snuggly

Healing, Learning and Growing through Motherhood


There are days like today that I feel like I’m drowning. Running out of air and space and time.  The weight and demands of motherhood are taking me down. To disappear under the surface of the water that I was already treading just to keep my head above.  I look around at my disaster of […]


I’ve tried so many times to sit down and write this post. I’ve written and deleted thousands of words to try and get out what’s inside of me, what I’ve wanted to share and yet somehow have been lost on how to find the flow. And then it hit me: The entire basis of this […]


For my Daughter: Two years with you, Bug. It sounds like nothing… and yet it feels like everything. From the moment you took your first breath, until a moment ago when you asked to hold my hand as you drifted off to sleep. How can I possibly describe what these last two years with you […]

Phantom Pain

There is a sensation that some amputee patients experience; where they have moments or hours or days when they can still feel their missing pieces. Sometimes it’s not just the feeling of presence and function, but of deep pain. Even though that part of them no longer physically exists, the feeling is so viscerally real […]

Sister Lives

I have always had a fascination with the concept that every decision we make, every choice we choose or don’t leads us to where we are right here, right now. I am just as fascinated with the idea that all those non-choices are also being lived out somewhere else. In a parallel universe… In our […]

Finding My Way

When I first heard about respectful parenting I was probably about 6 months into my parenthood journey. Just before that I had stumbled upon RIE and attachment philosophies; both of which I seemed to already be following instinctually to a certain extent, but by no means as hardcore as some of the avid facebook groupies. […]

To The Voice Inside

Recently on a Sunday after washing our sheets and making our bed, my girl and I were laying on pillows and having a sweet moment of laughs, snuggles and giggles. A moment I thought was just between us and not unlike a lot of moments we share daily. My husband was sitting in a reading […]

Time, Sweet Time

The concept of time is not something I gave too much thought to before I found out I was going to be a mother. Not in any specific way, anyway. When I was pregnant though, it started to become as specific as ever: Time was counting down until she’d be born. Within that time all the things […]

The New Normal

When my husband and I met, it was as if the entire universe had been lining up for that very moment my whole life. Every step, turn, trail, dead-end and re-route led me exactly to him at that time in our lives. We were both complete people. Neither of us still searching for who we were […]